Creative Notes is a collaborative between siblings.

This duo consists of two classically trained pianists. One with 20, and the other with 15+ years of study respectively under the tutelage of the following Instructors: Deborah Ruth, Aletha Jacobs, and Dr. Alan Weinberg. Josh is pursuing a Civil Engineering degree along with a minor in Music Industry. He is a multi-instrumentalist, including guitar, and drums to his repertoire. Jordan graduated with a BA in Music & Biology from Columbia College in 2018. She has since completed her MA in Medical Science with a concentration in Public Health at Liberty University in 2021, and is currently attending the UofSC School of Law. Regarding music, she is a tutor, composer, and arranger. For fun, she arranges VGM and entertains by introducing people to the Melodica and Otamatone. Both Jordan and Josh are capable music producers with audio engineering experience in various DAWs.

 In their spare time they use their gifts in other areas such as graphic design, photography, and video-editing. Together, they are Creative Notes.